Android 11 is Almost Complete

There Android 11 second beta has been officially released by Google for all compatible Pixel phones. Thanks to this new update, Android 11 has reached the milestone of platform stability, which means that the APIs and behaviors included in the eleventh version of the green robot are practically complete.

android 11 google second beta

Google is informing developers to begin updating their apps to make them ready for the official version of Android 11, which is expected to arrive in the first half of September (most likely on September 8, editor’s note).

Google has released the second beta of Android 11 for owners of Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4. Users who have one of these phones can download the latest version of Android and start testing it.

Clearly, the second beta of Android 11 will “land” on other smartphones as well: expect only the official announcements by the various manufacturers

One of the main changes made by Android 11 Beta 2 compared to the first beta – which debuted last month, ed – is the stability of the platform. “Platform stability means that all app behavior is now final in Android 11,” he said Dave Burke, vice president of Engineering (Android), in a blog post. “This not only includes the final SDK and NDK API, but also the final behavior of the system and the restrictions on non-SDK interfaces that can affect apps “.

Burke then hinted that further introductions will be minimal from now on: what we see in Beta 2 is (almost) everything we will find in Android 11.

The second beta pays particular attention to the compatibility of apps. This means that Google brought the new beta version to give developers a base, so as to make sure that their apps work perfectly.

Developers can test their apps on a device with Beta 2 or by using the latest emulator available on Android Studio.

“With each version, we are working to reduce the work that needs to be done to prepare the apps,” said Burke. “In Android 11, we added new processes and developer tools to minimize the impact of platform updates and simplify app compatibility. ”

For end-users, the second beta does not include any important updates compared to what we received with the first beta: to be mentioned above all the update of the Pixel Launcher and adding a Smooth Display button to the Display settings to allow users to easily enable it automatic change from 60 to 90Hz for certain content.

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