Black Shark launches thumb sleeves to be more accurate in Fortnite and COD Mobile

Thumb Sleeves For Fortnite and COD Mobile (2)

Black Shark, Xiaomi’s business partner specialized in the gaming world has just surprised us with one of its interesting products.

This time it does it with a sleeve for thumbs called E-Sports Finger Sleeve that will help you to be much more precise in games like Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile.

Made of carbon fiber and ultra-thin spandex, these thumb sleeves are highly conductive for greater precision on touch screens. In addition, thanks to its combination with other materials such as cotton, they manage to be highly breathable.

For their manufacture, Xiaomi’s business partner has managed to make these covers by carrying out 12 technological processes and 18 different stitching methods. The result is a cover without visible folds and seams that affect the touch with the screen.

Likewise, the thickness of these covers is just 0.25mm. With this, we manage to maintain that sensation of touch that we would properly achieve when touching the screen with our finger. In addition, thanks to this cover we will prevent our thumb from sticking to the screen in the hot areas of the terminal.

The price of these Black Shark E-Sports Finger Sleeve covers is only 29 yuan, about 3.5 euros to change. At the moment they will only be sold in China although it is most likely that we will soon be able to buy them through AliExpress.

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