Bq 5530L Intense Review

Bq 5530L Intense Review

Overview and equipment BQ 5530L Intense

When you take the smartphone for the first time out of the box, you get the impression that you are holding in your hands not a phone, but a box for small jewelry. That’s because the lid is removable and the huge battery lies separately. On such a boat you can escape during the flood.

In addition to the battery, the package includes:

  • Instruction manualCoupon
  • Warranty Card
  • 5 V and 2 A charger
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Ergonomics and appearance

The smartphone, of course, is not at all thin at a thickness of 16.5 mm, but surprisingly, it is quite convenient to hold it, especially in a large male hand. The back cover has 2 covers, a third smooth plastic and the rest is textured and rough to the touch (very tactile). Despite the folding case, the assembly is good, and the lid sits in its place very firmly and tightly. The control buttons are located on the right side, and the power button is made of corrugated plastic so that it is easy to feel. Charging and headphone jacks are located on top of the case, the rest is pretty standard.


The screen in the BQ Intense 5530L is set up with a simple but high-quality 5.45 ″ screen with an IPS matrix and a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels with small frames.

The brightness could have been bigger, but otherwise a good display for comfortable use.


To the sound quality, as usual with BQ, I have no complaints. Loud and clear sound, without flair to the music center, but very decent. Through the headphones, the picture is the same, but with a high-quality headset, the sound transforms greatly.


As a dialer, BQ Intense works quietly keeps the signal normally, and you can hear the interlocutor clearly and without problems. Screenshots with Wi-Fi reception quality near the router and at a distance of 8 meters and 1 wall from it: GPS navigation works stably, you won’t get lost on the road, but in difficult conditions, it catches better with the Internet turned on.


The camera in the BQ Intense is not very cool, but not for show. The main sensor is equipped with an 8 MP sensor and makes good pictures in the light of the time of day. In low light, it lacks light sensitivity. The front camera received a 5 MP matrix and takes mediocre selfies, but for social networks, it will be enough.

Operating system and stuffing

The filling at BQ Intense is set to be very modest, although sufficient for an undemanding user.

Processor – Mediatek MT6739WA with Cortex-A53 cores. PowerVR GE8100 video accelerator. There is already 3 GB of RAM installed, and 32 GB of internal memory is a very significant amount in this price category.

All this allows you to quickly work in the interface and run any application. For games, the smartphone also works fine, although in very demanding games you have to lower the graphics settings.

Benchmarks show the following results:

It is also nice that the smartphone has a clean system based on Android 9 Pie with a small number of additional functions and settings. The fingerprint scanner works flawlessly.

Everything works without delay, applications remain in RAM for some time.


Autonomy is the most interesting thing about this smartphone. I am sure that for many of you this section is extremely important. Should I take such a chubby smartphone? If autonomy is important to you – yes!

With normal use of the smartphone, you have enough for 2 days stably. With moderate use – up to 4 days. In standby mode, he will wait for more than a week.

When watching a video on YouTube and the maximum brightness, the smartphone loses 8%. If you do not use the brightness for the whole, then this will significantly extend its life from charge to charge.


Despite the unusual nature of the device, the impressions were pleasant, and in a few days of using the smartphone, the hand was already used to holding this not-thin device.

But in terms of autonomy, it breaks the vast majority of ordinary smartphones and even centenarians. If you need just such an apparatus, then feel free to take it and you will not regret it!

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