Compatible devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo

Alexa, the speaking voice of the Amazon Echo devices, is one of the most popular voice assistants in the world and therefore one of the most supported! It is therefore not difficult to find the Alexa compatibility on many electronic devices, which can now be monitored and controlled with a simple voice command, even remotely!

So if you have finished configuring Alexa on your smart speaker, and you are wondering what its potential is, here is a guide that contains all possible compatible devices: from WiFi bulbs to smart sockets, from robot vacuum cleaners to headphones and then from thermostats to security cameras and much more!

What you see below is a Content index where you can find all Alexa compatible smart devices divided into categories so that you can choose according to your interest!

Compatible devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo

Smart Lighting Devices

The Smart bulbs they are the most purchased accessories ever because economic, easy to configure and very versatile: you can use them to improve the aesthetic appearance of your workstation, or create a pleasant effect in the living room and, why not, completely redo the lighting in your home saving a lot of energy (thanks to the LEDs) and being able to control everything remotely.

Once configured, you can manage the smart light bulb in three ways: through its proprietary app (which will ask you to download at installation), through the Amazon Alexa app (even remotely, away from home) or through voice command. For example, if you called your “light” bulb, you can issue commands like this:

  • “Alexa, turn on the light! / Turn off the light!”
  • “Alexa, set the brightness to 70%”
  • “Alexa, set the light on red” (only if RGB)
  • “Alexa, turn on the light in the living room” (name given by you)

Smart light bulbs

Smart LED strips

Smart sockets and power strips

The WiFi sockets they are the most versatile smart devices ever because in simple terms, with such an outlet you can make any device smart! For example, if you connected your coffee machine to a WiFi socket, then you can turn it on / off, program it to turn on in the morning and, in some cases, monitor its consumption. All this with a simple tap on your smartphone or with a voice command!

Smart outlets

WiFi multi-socket

WiFi socket: the best to buyThe WiFi socket is a smart device capable of controlling and monitoring – even remotely via the Internet – devices connected to the electrical network. Here are the best ones to buy

Smart thermostats and climate management

The WiFi thermostat it is a device with which it is possible to manage this aspect in total comfort and – above all – control energy expenditure to reduce the costs of the bill and pollute less. Via Alexa or with a voice command on your Amazon Echo device, you can set a desired temperature or even program time slots according to your daily habits.

Alternatively you can buy some thermostatic valves to independently control each home radiator. These are simply installed above the radiator valves and can be check one by one from Alexa: you can therefore give it a name such as “living room radiator” and switch it on remotely or with a voice command.

Smart Thermostats for Alexa

Thermostatic valves

Smart surveillance cameras

If you have a device Amazon Echo Show you can use its screen to view what it is looking at the eye of your camera! Useful if you always want to have a watchful look at what is happening around you or if you want to use your camera as one “digital peephole”To find out who knocks on your door.

There are trivially two types of devices for video surveillance: security cameras (which then vary in size and in the possibility or not of being able to be installed outdoors), or the actual ones video surveillance systems, which provide for the presence of a central HUB to which to connect the wireless cameras, which are powered by one rechargeable battery!

Alexa compatible cameras

Smart surveillance systems

Smart robot vacuum cleaners

If you don’t have enough time for take care of your home, then you can let the robot do the “dirty” work for you. Think of a robot that works 90 minutes a day 3 times a week: it will keep your home constantly clean.

Being also intelligent and they can be programmed to clean for a few hours and then switch off by themselves, returning to their charging base. That’s why they are widely used for home automation, allowing you to create a smart home, with all its countless advantages!

Robot Vacuum Cleaners compatible with Alexa

Smart TV with built-in Alexa

If you are about to purchase a new television, then in our selection of best Smart TV you will find some very special models that integrate Amazon’s voice assistant inside them! These Smart TVs are available in many different price ranges, from the cheapest up to models with super defined displays.

Operation is very simple: on the supplied remote control there will be the Amazon Alexa logo. Once pressed you can perform a voice command that will be received by the microphone installed directly on the remote control, and the smart TV will run it instantly. For example, you can say: “Put the Paper House on Netflix“Or”Let me watch the game on DAZN“.

Smart TV with Amazon Alexa

Best Smart TVs to buy in 2020If you don’t know which Smart TV to buy today, our job is to help you choose. Sit comfortably and be ready to see the models we want to suggest.

Multimedia devices for streaming

You have a normal TV you want transform into a smart TV? With Amazon Fire Stick TV this is possible! Just connect this kind of “key” in the door HDMI monitor or television, connect this stick to your home WiFi modem .. et voila! You’re done, now you have it a real smart TV to browse the Internet and watch movies and TV shows on your favorite streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, Chili and so on!

Amazon Fire Stick TV

Fire TV Stick: how it worksAre you going to buy Amazon’s HDMI dongle but would like more information on its features? You have come to the right guide!


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