Entertainment Space, the app with which Google wants to revive the market for tablets (Android)

Tablets (Android) are not exactly at their peak, despite the fact that Google claims that last year this market experienced a growth of 30% compared to the previous year (Surely marked by the need for people to work from home from something bigger than a phone), Apple with its iPads continues to dominate this market either in popularity or in function. Now Google has created an app, Entertainment Space, with which to fight this.

Entertainment Space aims to be a version of Kids Space, another Google app for younger audiences, but focused on adults. What it does is interact with third-party services, all from the same app. In this regard we can say that Entertainment Space is a Google TV but for tablets.

Screenshot of Entertainment Space.

In addition to joining movies, television programs, or YouTube videos (With a subscription to the necessary services), Entertainment Space will also have support for games and even books. Some of these games could even be available to be tested without us having to download them, through “Instant play”.


The availability of this app will be limited. Google no longer has its own Android Tablet, instead, the app will begin to be available on Walmart’s “onn.” (Brand name) tablets and, at the end of the year, it will begin to be available globally in some of Lenovo and Sharp tablets.

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