Google Pixel 6a receives September 2022 update


Google has released the September security update for the Pixel 6a. The same update was released days ago for all Pixel devices except Pixel 6a. First Pixel security update since Android 13 last month. After a brief delay, Pixel 6a now has the update.

Pixel 6a’s monthly update is TP1A.220905.004.A2. Pixel 6a users worldwide will soon get the update. The update includes September Security Patch, bug fixes, and more.

Update changelog:

  • Charging batteries
  • Certain launcher background activities could increase battery drain.
  • Additional fingerprint recognition and response improvements
  • Fix for Bluetooth devices not connecting sometimes
  • Fix truncated lock screen notifications

The Pixel 6a hasn’t made good headlines. The phone’s broken fingerprint security prompted early negative reviews. Google seems to have improved and fixed known issues in the September update. If it fixes the problem, we’ll know from reviews. The update fixes Android 13’s battery drain.

If you have a Pixel 6a, check Settings for the update. As this is a batch rollout, reaching all eligible devices will take time. After receiving the OTA update, download and install it. Make a backup and charge your Pixel 6a to at least 50% before updating.

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