How the disappearance of Google Photos Unlimited will affect you and what tools do you have to avoid it

The unlimited storage of Google Photos comes to an end on June 1 and for many users what will happen is a question mark. To avoid misinformation, Google has created a new notice of what will happen to the photos we store and new tools for this policy change to affect us gradually. This is all you need to know.

Everything you have now will stay the same.

First of all, you don’t need to create a copy of your photos or massively download the content you have saved. Images saved in high quality before June 1, 2021 will not be affected by the new Google measures. These images will continue to be stored free of charge.

How long can the free 15GB last me?

Another big question is how this new policy affects us in the future. Google offers each account 15GB of storage to spend between the different services, from Drive to Google Photos or even Gmail. To answer this question, Google has a website where it generates an approximation, based on our habits, of how long free storage will last. You can find the web in this link.

On this estimate, Google states that a large part of users could continue using the free service for a couple of years without changing their habits. As we spend storage, Google will inform us to offer us its payment plans.

How to save space?

Making use of the Google Photos app we will now have a tool with which to dispose of “bad” images quickly. Here we can find blurred or blurred images that do nothing more than uselessly occupy storage quota.

Rename “High Quality Images”.

Until now, Google Photos distinguished the quality of the images between “Original” and “High quality”. This high-quality description is quite imprecise. Google will now change this name to “Saving storage” to refer to reducing the quality of images precisely for that, saving space in our Google Photos account.

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