New Features For Google Pixel: Google Pay in The Power Menu

A few months ago Google launched a series of new features for the Google Pixel, today these functions increase even more with a second update. We show you what the new functions are.

Play and pause with Motion Sense.

The first of the functions are only valid for devices that have Motion Sense, that is, the Google Pixel 4. What allows us is something as simple as putting your hand on our phone to pause or continue with the music playback.

Another interesting function that users in the United States already had was that the phone, using the sensors, detects a serious car accident in which we are involved and facilitates contact with the emergency number. Now, this function expands to Australia and the United Kingdom, with their respective emergency numbers.

Cards in the power menu.

This is a function that had already appeared and is nothing more than a redesign of the power menu for Google Pixel. The main function is to be able to manually select which of our Google Pay cards we want to use. Also, in the case of Google Pixel 4, we will also have emergency information and medical information.

Program the dark mode.

The dark mode is useful in some cases to save battery. Since Google confirmed this experimentally, it has opted to add this function that is activated automatically if we select the battery saver. Now, through a series of steps, we can program at what time this dark mode is activated to do it automatically.

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