Review of Inoi 2 Lite 2019

Review of Inoi 2 Lite 2019

Today we are reviewing the 2019 ultra-budget smartphone INOI 2 Lite in trendy gradient colors.

You will not believe it, but for 3 – 3.5 thousand rubles you can buy an Android smartphone, which, of course, does not have the best characteristics, but it works and performs all the basic functions.

The smartphone is suitable for those who do not want to pay too much and who do not need all the new chips. However, the updated model copes with most tasks.

Overview and integration of INOI 2 Lite 2019

INOI 2 Lite 2019 is sold in a white box with a beautiful photo of the phone itself and has the most standard equipment:

  • Smartphone
  • Removable battery
  • Instruction manual
  • Charger
  • A micro USB cable for charging

Ergonomics and appearance

The smartphone is completely made of polycarbonate and, despite the removable back cover, the assembly is quite solid. There are no gaps or creaks.

The back cover has a glossy IML gradient coating used by the most popular manufacturers. It looks much more expensive than it actually is, but fingerprints and dirt are noticeable, so it is advisable to clean them from time to time or buy a case. Due to its small size, it fits perfectly in the hand, unlike modern shovels.


INOI 2 Lite 2019 has a small 5 ″ screen with a TN matrix and a resolution of 854×480 pixels. This, of course, is not the most sophisticated display, but a few years ago they were installed in many devices and it is quite possible to use it. The main disadvantage is the low viewing angles, which can be an advantage when someone curious will look at your screen from the side and do not really understand anything.


There is nothing special about the sound. An ordinary, fairly loudspeaker, created for the most part for a call. Through the headphones, it is quite possible to listen to music or watch a video, but you can’t talk about any serious sound, for the money.


As a communicator, INOI 2 Lite 2019 also works out with dignity, the conversation does not interrupt and the connection is normal, although a little worse than the more expensive and famous smartphones.

There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS navigation, everything works and you can use it.


Camera. For three and a half thousand good photo opportunities you can’t expect.

A 5 MP photo module and low photosensitivity are installed.

During the shooting, the quality is completely depressing, but when you open the final picture in the gallery, the quality improves greatly.

The result is normal shots, especially for viewing on small screens.

The selfie camera is here. I would like to finish this because 2 MPs are more suitable for mirrors or for video calls. You cannot squeeze suitable photos for social networks from it. But thanks for at least putting this one, yet without it, it’s already unusual.

Operating system and stuffing

According to the level, “iron” is installed in the smartphone. A simple Mediatek MT6580 processor is gaining about 25 thousand in AnTuTu can cope with the usual load, Internet surfing, viewing social networks and even many light games.

For applications, 1 GB of RAM is installed, and for their location – 8 GB. In this case, you can install a memory card up to 64 GB to expand the storage.

In general, the interface works quickly and does not cause severe discomfort, of course, there are small reveries, but no more. However, they can be easily forgiven, looking at the price.


The battery is not the biggest 2250 mAh, but enough for inactive users for a day with ahead. And if you don’t surf the Internet, then for a day


Summing up, I want to say that despite the basic functionality and a mediocre screen, the smartphone fully fulfills every ruble spent.

AT INOI 2 Lite 2019 There is nothing superfluous and, accordingly, there is no need to overpay if you need just such a smartphone to chat on social networks, surf the Internet or just stay in touch.

And the appearance does not at all correspond to such a low price tag, so the purchase of such a budget handsome is justified.

And would you have enough of such a set of functions as in INOI 2 Lite 2019?

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