Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 receive functions from the Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy A51 update

If you could read our review about the Galaxy S20, in it, in addition to talking about how impressive its hardware is, we also highlight some of the software functions. The Galaxy S20 has tools for all kinds of things and now, thanks to the latest software update, users of the Galaxy A51 and A71 will also be able to have some of these functions.

Improved camera.

Single Take or Single Capture is one of the camera functions of the Galaxy S20 that can now be enjoyed by users of the Galaxy A51 and A71. When activated, it can record up to 10 seconds of footage with a wide range of capture modes.

Users can revisit the recordings and choose the images and styles they prefer. This means that instead of taking multiple images with several filters, with a single recording everything is done automatically.

In addition, thanks to this update, your users will also be able to enjoy functions such as manual focus and shutter speed control.

Quick Share and Music Share.

With these two tools, we can share photos, videos, and music quickly. By tapping the icon, users will be able to select one or more friends to share items from their phones.

The Music Share feature allows you to easily share with your speaker via Bluetooth that is already connected to your device with others. Similarly, the Quick Share feature allows you to share content with nearby devices using Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, or with devices that support Smart Things.

More features on the way?

Samsung has published the information of this new update in an article which ends by implying that more functions of the Galaxy S20 family will reach the Galaxy A. The main problem is that Samsung does not indicate what they will be, only that they are the “leading features they need to make the most of their devices”.

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