The Galaxy Note 9 will no longer receive security updates

Without a doubt, the Galaxy Note was a revolutionary device that marked a before and after in the smartphone market, but even the best stories have an end. After ceasing production with the Galaxy Note 20, the last vestiges of this fabulous family slowly begin to disappear. Why do we say this? Because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has just run out of official support from the manufacturer.

Samsung will no longer update its Galaxy Note 9

Thanks to the Samsung security update website we discovered that the Galaxy Note 9 will no longer receive official support. This portal shows the list of Samsung devices that will still receive security patches and the frequency of the updates. As the Galaxy Note 9 is not among them, it is evident that it will no longer receive any type of updates.

This was something that could be seen coming, after support for the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 ended last year, but we couldn’t stop reviewing it. After all, the Galaxy Note 9 was an excellent smartphone for its time (2018): Android 8.1 Oreo, Snapdragon 845, and 6/8 GB of RAM. Besides, Note 9 was updated to Android 10, although it continued to receive security patches until now. It was updated for 4 years, so no one can complain because Samsung kept its promise.

Recent Updates For:

What will happen to the owners of this device? They will be able to continue using it without any problem, but they should know that any security holes detected in Android and OneUI will not be corrected by Samsung. Taking this into account, it is recommended that you start thinking about renewing your Galaxy Note 9 if you still have one.

Another option would be to lean on the Android developer community. Being top of the range, it is likely that there will be custom ROMs based on Android 12 and we even dare to say that one could come out with Android 13. It is a way to keep this fabulous terminal up to date, although some security holes will remain uncovered.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 also run out of support

Along with the previous mobile, the same Samsung website revealed that the Galaxy S9, S9+, and S9 Active also reached the end of their cycle. These devices were presented in 2018, so they have already completed their 4 years of official support and Samsung has decided to withdraw them. The situation is identical to that of the Galaxy Note 9, so it would be necessary to act in the same way.

The Galaxy S9 will no longer receive new security updates, although Samsung may back down in some way at some point. Not that it’s going to happen, but the Galaxy S7 and S8 recently received a surprise update. In addition, it is known that history will repeat itself with the Galaxy S6.

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