WhatsApp Limits The Sending Of Stickers If They Are Too Large

WhatsApp Limits The Sending Of Stickers

Do you love sending stickers to communicate with your friends? So now that animated stickers have arrived on WhatsApp, you must be celebrating. They are really fun and express what we feel with much more precision than static stickers.

However, lately, you may have noticed a small detail. Sometimes WhatsApp sends you a notification that says “This sticker could not be sent because it is too big” It’s really annoying when it happens, but why does it happen? How can you fix it?

WhatsApp is limiting the sending of very heavy animated stickers to avoid problems in the application

Thanks to information leaked by the Twitter account @WABetaInfo , we now know that WhatsApp placed a weight limit on animated stickers. From now on, no sticker can weigh more than 1 MB if you want to send it, because otherwise it will not be sent.

This measure is a bit surprising, but it is quite justified. The reason behind this decision is to prevent users from creating stickers irresponsibly. It turns out that a few days ago a user created a sticker that contained an entire movie. This caused the users who received it to spend a lot of data trying to download it, and even compromised the stability of the application on their mobiles.

So WhatsApp only wants its users to really make conscious use of this new feature. That, and avoid a crash on their servers as happened recently when they reduced the duration of WhatsApp statuses to 15 seconds.

In this way, if you now want to send an animated sticker, you will have to take care of the size of the file. And if it weighs too much, then you will receive the corresponding error notification. Is there a way to fix it? Well of course.

How to reduce the size of animated stickers in WhatsApp to avoid the error “This sticker could not be sent because it is too big”

There are two things you should know about this topic. First of all, WhatsApp does not have an official app to create stickers, and in fact, sharing personalized stickers is not something officially available. However, they don’t forbid it either, and with the right apps, you can easily create sticker packs for WhatsApp.

This brings us just to the other topic, with so many applications, it is impossible to find a specific solution to this problem. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. These are some recommendations for you to reduce the weight of your animated stickers when creating them:

  • Design shorter stickers. This is the best recommendation we can give you since an unnecessarily long sticker will surely exceed the size limit.
  • If the app allows it, use fewer frames per second (fps) on your sticker. The animation is just a series of images that are placed sequentially to create the sensation of movement. A sticker doesn’t require 60 fps to look good, so you can go down to 24 fps, or less.
  • Reduce the number of colors you use on your sticker. Just as many paintings increase the weight of an animated sticker, each of those paintings has many shades of color also does it.
  • Use lower-quality videos as the source file. If the video you use as a source has a very high image quality, the result will surely be a heavier sticker. It is not necessary to start from a Full HD or UHD video to create a sticker.
  • Divide and conquerDo you necessarily need to send a long sticker to make sense? Then divide it into several different animated stickers so that you can send them all without a problem.

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