Xiaomi Launches infrared Thermometer For Coronavirus

Thermometer For Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus epidemic plaguing China, many companies have given their help to people by providing both hi-tech and medical aids ( Xiaomi has provided many infrared masks and thermometers ). In an attempt to provide people with additional help, a new infrared thermometer called Xiaomi Barcon was launched on Youpin that allows you to measure the temperature without having to touch the skin.

The thermometer has a German-made Hyman sensor inside that can measure body temperature by accurately identifying the infrared radiation emitted by the surface of the human body. It can collect hundreds of data measurements every second. The data is processed by professional algorithms to ensure accurate temperature measurement. In the range 35 ℃ – 42 ℃, the error is not greater than 0.1 ℃

With an accurate real-time distance sensor, it can measure temperature only within the actual distance to avoid a malfunction. At the same time, the thermometer has a temperature sensor and a room temperature compensation sensor to detect changes in the environment and subtract them from the main reading.

The newcomer supports 32 groups of data storage. The data is recorded automatically to facilitate continuous observation of changes in body temperature. It has several useful functions, including vibration reminders, measuring distance > 5 cm, no reading provided to prevent measurement errors, fever alarm, etc.

The high definition LED screen shows white text on a black background. So, at a glance, you can see the 0.1 cambiamento change.

Taking advantage of the detection of the infrared spectrum the new Xiaomi thermometer can be used to calculate the temperature of any object or liquid, such as the temperature of the water or milk.

This infrared thermometer was launched on Youpin for 169 yuan which, at the exchange rate, equates to around 21 euros.

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