Xiaomi Mi Camera works again with Nest Hubs

At the beginning of January, Google was forced to suspend the integration between its Google Assistant platform and the Xiaomi Mi Camera because of an unpleasant problem that, when asked to the assistant to view their video feed, they were received instead still images of strangers and their cameras.

However, the bug was short-lived since, in two weeks, Xiaomi fixed it and Google made everything return as before.

Xiaomi claims to have solved the problem that caused other users’ Xiaomi Mi Camera feeds to display on Google Nest Hub. The integration on Google’s smart displays, which had been discontinued since the issue appeared, has been reinstated.

The company also shared the following statement:

Now we confirm that we have completely solved the root cause of this problem and Xiaomi’s Google integration service has started working again since 16 January. Users can now use Xiaomi’s Mi security cameras via Nest devices. In Xiaomi, we take the privacy and security of user information as a top priority. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the users concerned. We will take even stronger measures to prevent similar accidents in the future. ”


We are not sure but it is likely that to view the video feed of your Mi Camera on Google Nest Hubs, you will have to connect again between the two services.

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