Zenfone 7 Pro: Powerful Smartphone With Snapdragon 865+ (3 GHz)

Zenfone 7 Pro

This year, the situation with Qualcomm’s flagship processor will repeat itself. At the beginning of the year, the Snapdragon 865 was announced, based on which dozens of devices have already been released.

A couple of weeks ago, the American chipmaker introduced the Snapdragon 865+ platform, which will become the basis for the flagships of the second half of 2020. Qualcomm does not use anything fundamentally new in Snapdragon 865+; it is about increasing the clock frequency of the “large” cores to 3.1 GHz. 

The overall performance gain of the processor and graphics accelerator will be about 10%. The first smartphones based on Snapdragon 865+ will be the gaming flagships Asus ROG Phone 3 and Lenovo Legion.

Curious information about other new products from ASUS has appeared on the network today. “Diggers” found in the smartphone firmware code a mention of specific Asus ZF models. It is assumed that Zenfone 7 is hidden under this designation.

Curiously, we are talking about two models with different processors. Users immediately realized that the base model Zenfone 7 will receive a Snapdragon 865 processor, and the more advanced Zenfone 7 Pro would receive just the Snapdragon 865+ with a record operating frequency.

When exactly will the presentation take place and what else will make these models happy, but it seems that ASUS is seriously planning to break into the “big guys” segment and try to snatch its piece of cake.

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