Google Maps Returns To Apple Watch and CarPlay Is Improved

Google Maps returns to Apple Watch

In 2017, the company responsible for the Maps application, Google, launched this app for Apple’s iOS operating system. Now, after three years, Google Maps returns to the wrists of Apple Watch owners.

In addition, the CarPlay functions for the car have been improved. Google claims that with support for Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard and a new app for Apple Watch, people using iOS devices can safely and easily navigate with Google Maps right from their car or wrist.

Google Maps is now available on Apple Watch, but support for CarPlay Dashboard is also added

While Google Maps is an application compatible with iOS, it was not compatible with the Apple Watch. The app stopped being compatible with watchOS in 2017, and it was not until now that Google announced its return. After three years, Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch, will now again enjoy the maps of the great search engine company.

But what is the Google Maps application capable of doing on the Apple Watch? It will help users navigate by car, bicycle, public transport, or on foot. The app will also provide ETAs and turn-by-turn directions for destinations that have already been saved.

And those that are not saved must be started from the phone and then you can continue receiving instructions from the Apple Watch itself.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Google Maps will give us directions on the direction we want to go, but it will not have visual integration with the Google map. Therefore, we will not be able to see where we are going, only the indications as shown in the video above.

This makes sense to minimize distractions and is quite useful so that we can follow the directions in Maps easily, even if the visual aspect is not as complete as the application for iPhone or Apple CarPlay.

Google has also added Apple CarPlay Dashboard support to the Maps app on iOS, which means users will now find playback controls for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Likewise, you can review the calendar while still looking at the map and avoid getting lost on the route. All of this information will be displayed in a split-screen view while keeping your eyes on the road.

Google Maps will receive worldwide CarPlay Dashboard support this week with the next iOS update, while the Maps app for the Apple Watch will begin rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks.

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