Google may have app to improve iPhone to Android switchover

Android switchover

After years on the market, Google is finally thinking of bringing an app to improve the switch from iPhone to Android.

Interestingly, Apple already has the Migrar to iOS app, which allows you to exit the Android system and transfer your items to an iPhone or iPad.

It will soon be possible to do the opposite, allowing you to leave the iPhone or iPad and go to the Android system more easily.

Everything indicates that Google will launch an app to migrate from iPhone to Android

The folks at 9to5Google discovered through hidden codes in the Android data restoration tool, references to Switch to Android apps migrating to Android.

The application should be released at some point on the Google Play store, but we still don’t have more information about its release, but we know it will help transfer content, SMS, calls, and more from the iPhone to an Android.

The most curious part is that the codes reveal that the app to migrate to Android will have the ability to check the apps that the user has on the iPhone or iPad and use the Google Play store to download and install the apps on the user’s new Android.

This feature will only work with applications that exist in the two stores and that are free since the paid ones need to be purchased again because it was purchased in a different store, of course, the login data and other information should also not be transferred to the new device.

For the transfer of photos, documents, and other data, the connection used will be Wi-Fi and encrypted data, which allows the secure exchange of information and possibly even the exchange of data without the need for an active internet.

The new application doesn’t have a date to be released, but Switch to Android (migrate to Android) will be of great use for those who want to leave iOS and reach Android with a lot of their current data.

Remembering that currently the Android system when it is started for the first time, it even has some options to be able to transfer data from iOS to Android, but the application will come to facilitate this system transition.

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