These are all the news in Android 12. New design and availability

As you may have already noticed, today is the second day of I / O, Google’s largest event for developers. Although much of the news had already been leaked this past weekend, with the new Material You design, Google confirms to us what are the final news in the new beta of Android 12. Find out if your phone is compatible with this new version of Android and what functions have changed in this new version of Android.

The list of changes is somewhat extensive but the main one is the design of the user interface. Google defines it as the biggest interface change in the history of Android and, although it is true that changes are usually gradual, this time Google has decided to take risks.

Where to begin. First, we have the new interface colors. Instead of opting for black or white, the interface now uses a color palette for the user interface. This palette is loaded automatically based on our wallpaper.

The shortcuts present on notifications are now larger. Its function is similar to the one present in Android 11 if we press and hold the power button. Large, simple buttons for making changes to phone settings.

New widgets.

The widgets now reach the Google assistant for third parties but also undergo a visual renovation in Android 12. Google has updated these elements to make them more useful, attractive, and easy to use.


One of the most remarkable features compared to the past simplicity of Android is a new animation that serves to warn us that we have reached the end of a view. It is a kind of rebound effect that will appear automatically in all our apps.

Privacy changes.

First of all, Android 12 opens a privacy window. In it, we can see when an app has requested certain permission in addition to seeing what permissions have been granted. In this regard, we also find changes in the location permission, to which we can now indicate in a certain way how precise we want it to be, and it will no longer be necessary to grant permissions on the location so that the apps that use Bluetooth pairing can work.

Secondly, Android 12 has warnings to show us if an app has started to use the microphone or the camera of our phone. Together with the new settings menu, we can now virtually disconnect our camera and microphone so that apps cannot access them if we do not want to, even if we have granted permission to do so.

Better performance.

Android 12 also boosts performance, having managed to reduce CPU usage time, which also benefits autonomy. In this regard, we will have to see how radical the changes will be applied to arrive at these values.

Application hibernation.

If we do not use an application for a long period of time, it will hibernate, automatically removing the permissions granted for its operation and deleting the temporary files it has, in addition to stopping its operation.

Android 12 availability.

This new beta is available for a multitude of devices and, for the first time, outside the Google Pixel family.

The manufacturers that are already working on this version of Android for some of their devices are:

  • ASUS.
  • Google Pixel.
  • OnePlus.
  • Oppo.
  • Real me.
  • Sharp.
  • TECNO.
  • TCL.
  • Alive.
  • Xiaomi.
  • ZTE.

If you want to know which devices are compatible with each manufacturer, you can access them from the Android website.

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