Windows 10 November 2019 Update is Now Available To Everyone

Microsoft began mass distribution of the next update of Windows 10. It is released twice a year and this time it can be considered small since it adds almost nothing to computers.

Now Windows 10 November 2019 Update can be downloaded and installed through the “Windows Update” in the “Settings” of the computer. Many computers and laptops have already begun to automatically receive this update.

There were almost no reports of problems with installing the November 2019 Update. It is only known that it was unavailable for some time on computers with Realtek drivers. Probably, but this shortcoming was eliminated as soon as possible.]

Previously, installing Windows 10 November 2019 Update was a little more complicated – you had to download a utility from the Microsoft website that checked the device for compatibility with the update and downloaded the necessary files.

There are almost no innovations in this update. The developers basically made improvements to the previously existing features and fixed a number of known problems. The November 2019 Update adds a search bar to Explorer, including among files stored in OneDrive. Cortana Assistant can now be launched from the lock screen, and create new events in the calendar directly from the taskbar.

Microsoft has changed the principle of installing updates – the November 2019 Update is not installed as a major update, but in the same way as a regular security patch. In theory, this means that users will not have such big problems as when installing the October 2018 Update last year.

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