59% discount on this curious parcel delivery simulator

Many games on Android rely on an atypical and simple premise, but they do it so well that players end up liking it. A good example of this is the Package–Load Simulator title in which, as its name indicates, you will have to deliver packages, so we could say that it is a delivery simulator.

Package – Cargo Simulator is a very interesting paid game. However, its normal price may scare away many users. Fortunately, This is with a super discount of 59% in the Play Store, which makes it even more interesting. Below, we will tell you everything about it.

Package – Cargo Simulator has a 59% discount on Android

Official trailer for Package – Cargo Simulator, an exciting mobile game that you can enjoy for less than 1 euro

On Android, there are many simulation games, such as life simulators, hospital simulators, flight simulators, and driving simulators, among others. And Package – Cargo Simulator goes further because is a mobile game that has been developed by Infinity Games, Lda, and that has already exceeded 100,000 downloads. This is a paid title that has a normal price of 2.39 euros. Although, indeed, it is not that expensive, it currently has a super discount that allows you to get it for only 0.99 euros.

By picking up this game, you will be able to enjoy the full experience, since it does not contain ads or internal purchases. You can simply enjoy your life as a delivery driver in this cargo simulator.

It is important to note that, despite its premise, It is a very visually attractive game, Well, you will have to create a delivery system for a city that is developing. You will be able to supply several destinations and much more.

Among the main features of Package – Cargo Simulator, We must highlight that it has a quite beautiful visual design with minimalist details. But it will also allow you to learn everything related to resource management in a didactic way. The soundtrack that plays is very fun and will allow you to immerse yourself in this adventure.

Package - Cargo Simulator is an exciting simulator where you can create your own delivery and parcel network in a city that is growing
Package – Cargo Simulator is an exciting simulator where you can create your own delivery and parcel network in a city that is growing

In this game, you have several goals that will allow you to have even more fun. Not to mention that it integrates a system of improvements to make your work network more fluid. As you progress and gain recognition within the city, you can expand even further.

If you are looking for a game that is different from the majority, but without giving up the fun, then you should take a look at Package – Cargo Simulator, especially now that you can get it for less than 1 euro. This is a very interesting title that you will surely love and will become your next great addiction.

Don’t let the premise of this title make you miss the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled adventure, full of lots of fun with which you can learn to be more efficient to meet all your goals that the video game provides you. Do you think you can design the best parcel network in the city? Prove it.

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