How to get Sulfur in Palworld

How to get Sulfur in Palworld

Knowing how to get Sulfur in Palworld is something that we recommend you learn in your first hours in the game. This specific resource is used to make gunpowder for the ammo you give to your Pals when they have weapons, which is why it is tremendously useful.

As with most materials and resources in Palworld, getting Sulfur takes a bit of effort and survival skills. It’s especially complicated because you need to find a specific type of environment before you even start searching.

So, get ready to assemble your Pals, because we will show you how to get Sulfur in Palworld.

How to get Sulfur in Palworld

To get Sulfur in Palworld you must first find a desert setting because it is there where it is easiest to see the Sulfur deposits. You can also find Sulfur in dungeons. We have found Sulfur in the Twilight Dunes, at coordinates -160, and -114 northwest of the initial spawn point. However, that doesn’t mean this is the only desert area, so look for more as you explore the game world.

Sulfur deposits look like normal rocks, but they have a slight green/yellow coating on them that will help you distinguish them from other stones.

How to Craft the Quality Crafting Table and Metal Pickaxe in Palworld

In Palworld you will need to have a Quality Crafting Table and level 11 to craft the Metal Pickaxe. We highly recommend crafting this tool, because it makes it much easier and faster to get Sulfur.

First, you will need to craft a Quality Crafting Table, for which you need level 9 to unlock it in the Technology tree, as well as the following materials:

  • x15 Ingots
  • x50 Wood
  • x10 Nails

Once you have the table, you will need these materials to make the Metal Pickaxe :

  • x15 Stone
  • x20 Wood
  • x5 Ligots

materials to make the Metal Pickaxe

When you have this tool, be sure to equip it on your character from the inventory and go to the desert to get Sulfur.

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