How to get Wheat and Wheat Seeds in Palworld

get Wheat and Wheat Seeds in Palworld

We explain which Pals drop Seeds and where you can buy Wheat.

Wheat seeds are necessary to obtain Wheat and Flour in Palworld, which in turn are basic ingredients to make a cake to feed your Pals. Seeds are also needed to create facilities in your base, such as the Wheat Plantation with which you can consistently harvest wheat.

In this guide, we explain how to get Wheat and Wheat Seeds in Palworld to grow your base, feed your Pals, and unlock more facilities.

How to get Wheat and Wheat Seeds in Palworld

To get Wheat you will first need to get some wheat seeds, so here we explain how to get Palworld Wheat Seeds :

  • Capture or defeat Pals that drop wheat seeds.
  • Buy wheat seeds from a merchant.
  • Find them randomly in chests.

Once you have the three seeds needed to make a Wheat Plantation, what you must do is assign Grass and Water type Pals to harvest wheat, just as you do with the berry plantation. To manually assign a Pal, pick it up and throw it into the wheat field.

Remember that chests respawn after a while, so revisit the ones that are most accessible for a chance to obtain materials such as Wheat or Wheat Seeds.

Below we leave you more detailed information on how to get wheat seeds in Palworld:

Which Pals Drop Wheat Seeds?

We know that five Pals drop seeds in Palworld :

  • Dinossom
  • Flopie
  • bristla
  • Cinnamoth
  • Robinquill

Of these five, Dinoddom, Flopie, and Cinnamoth are the easiest to capture early in the game.

We consistently found two Dinossoms around the first fast travel point (Plateau of Beginnings), one to the north and the other to the south. Keep in mind that you need a Mega Sphere to capture them since Dinossoms are usually at least level 15.

Here are images of the exact place where we captured one of our Dinoddoms:

They are the coordinates 243, -543 .

Flopie and Cinnamoths can be found north of the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance fast travel point, but they can also wander around this area, which is where we found our first Cinnamoth.

Which merchants sell Wheat Seeds?

So far we have only found one merchant who sells wheat seeds: the Traveling Merchant (which is to the right of the Small Settlement fast travel point). To reach the Small Settlement, head west from the Giant Grass Hills fast travel point until you see a fast travel point in the distance, after some water.

They are coordinates 74, -486 .

Each wheat seed costs 100 gold coins, and this merchant also sells wheat if you want to make Flour as quickly as possible.

wheat seed costs 100 gold coins

The article delves into key strategies for optimizing gameplay in Palworld, emphasizing the importance of Ancient Technology Points, Sulfur, and Leather. To enhance your gaming experience, the acquisition of Ancient Technology Points in Palworld is highlighted, as it serves as a gateway to unlocking advanced features within the game. Additionally, mastering the art of obtaining Sulfur is crucial, considering its significant role in various in-game processes. Moreover, the article underscores the importance of securing Leather in Palworld, as it proves to be a valuable resource essential for crafting and upgrading items. By strategically focusing on these elements, players can elevate their Palworld experience and navigate the virtual world with greater success.

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