Guardians is now official and you can pre-register for the beta

Just a few days ago we told you about the possibility that Gameloft was preparing the return of its popular Order & Chaos saga, and now, that possibility is already a reality. With the collaboration of NetEase, one of the Chinese video game giants, the franchise will return to our phones with the name Order & Chaos: Guardians.

According to the announcement of the game, published on the NetEase website, Order & Chaos: Guardians will be a team-based RPG, in which players will form groups to explore the fantasy world of Arkland. Let’s see more details.

Order & Chaos: Guardians announcement trailer.

This will be Order & Chaos: Guardians

Order & Chaos: Guardians will move away from the mechanics of more traditional RPGs in which we need to “farm” for a while to improve our character. In this new game, this aspect is reformulated, eliminating the “boring” part to prioritize faster evolution, even if we are not online since other components such as social players will be able to form guilds and communicate with each other, exchange resources, or participate in combat.

Players will be able to choose between six factions and nine character races available that we already met previously in the Order & Chaos game series, including powerful magicians, expert fighters, or magical beasts.

On a visual level, although they have not yet offered us any real gameplay, they promise us designs of a high artistic level without losing the original essence of Order & Chaos.

Order & Chaos Races: Guardians

Beta in January, and launch in 2024

Taking advantage of the presentation of the game, whose launch is confirmed for this same 2024 on both Android and iOS devices, the start of a beta phase has also been announced that begins tomorrow, although it will only be available for Android users. To access it, it will be necessary to register through the official game page.

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