How to get Leather in Palworld

Which Pals drop Leather

Knowing how to get Leather in Palworld will help you make a lot of objects that will be very helpful in your adventures, including some that will allow you to ride on your Pals.

But as with many other things in Palworld, you’ll have to be a little cruel and violent to get your hands on this coveted material.

Without further ado, below we explain how to get Leather in Palworld.

How to get Leather in Palworld

To get Leather in Palworld you must defeat or capture a specific set of Pals. In your first few hours in the game, we recommend fighting Foxparks or Nitewings, as they are the easiest to find at the beginning.

get Leather in Palworld

It doesn’t matter which Pal you decide to attack because the basics are the same: you must hit the creature until it is knocked down or captured to collect the Leather.

Which Pals Drop Leather

This is a bit of a trick, as there isn’t just one type of Pal to look for if you want Leather. At the moment we have obtained this material from Pals of the Water, Neutral, and even Fire type, but always from specific creatures of each type.

Here are some of the Pals that will drop Cuero for sure:

  • Nitewing
  • Fuddler
  • Vixy
  • Fuack
  • Foxparks
  • Eikthyrdeer

Which Pals drop Leather

That concludes our current discussion on Palworld strategies. If you’re eager to enhance your gameplay further, consider focusing on acquiring Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, a pivotal element for unlocking advanced features and capabilities. Additionally, mastering the art of obtaining Sulfur in Palworld will prove invaluable, as this resource plays a crucial role in various in-game processes. For a more comprehensive understanding and tips on optimizing your Palworld experience, feel free to ask for additional assistance. Happy gaming!

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