The PC game emulator for Android improves its performance noticeably

The Winlator version 5.0 is now available on Android devices. The Windows game emulator, which has achieved great popularity since its launch last year, has significantly improved its performance compared to the previous version, in addition to incorporating improvements in controls, among other new features.

Users have already begun to test the performance of the new version, and the truth is that it looks very good. Let’s see some examples.

Winlator 5.0 leaps in performance

In this first user video we can see the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted running with very good performance that exceeds 70 stable FPS. The device is a POCO F3, which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor:

Need for Speed: Most Wanted run on Winlator 5.0.

In the following example we see a much more demanding game like GTA 5which manages to run at a rate higher than 30 FPS on a POCO F5 (Qualcomm Snapdtahon 7+ Gen 2):

How to download and use Winlator 5.0

The Winlator 5.0 APK can be downloaded directly from the project’s GitHub page and installed as normal. Touch controls can be configured in the emulator, although we can also use physical controls with the Input Bridge application.

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