This is how spectacular the HD mode that will come to Old School RuneScape for mobile phones and PC looks

If you are a player of Old School RuneScape, one of the best MMORPGs for mobiles, you should know that the developers are preparing the ambitious official HD mode to update the graphics of the game that, remember, was released back in 2013, although it was created from a 2007 backup of the original RuneScape.

Preview of the Old School RuneScape HD mode for mobile and PC revealed at the RuneScape Winter Summit.

As can be seen in the video that has been shared with us (the development is still in a pre-alpha state), the HD mode will substantially improve all visual aspects of the game from the textures to the shadows and lighting, which will give the game a much more modern look and much more pleasing to the eye.

Both the players of the mobile versions of Old School RuneScape on PC will be able to enjoy the HD mode, which will initially be launched sometime in 2024, although the specific date has yet to be confirmed. In addition, it can be switched between HD mode and SD mode at any time at the player’s request.

Plugins arrive in Old School RuneScape for mobile

Another of the new features revealed at the RuneScape Winter Summit held these days is the future possibility of using plugins in the mobile version of Old School RuneScape. For now, only players of the (unofficial) RuneLite client for PC can add plugins, but soon This function will also reach the official client and open the doors of plugins to mobile phones, which will also be 100% reviewed to use them with total security.

With plugins, players can expand gameplay options, making Old School RuneScape an even more complete, rich, and fun game. This function, like the arrival of HD mode, They are planned for 2024so we will keep you informed of any news in this regard.

More information: RuneScape official website.

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