This is the Shadow Blade Gamepad 2

A few months ago, GameSir launched the GameSir G8 “Galileo”, its new mobile controller, and now Redmagic has done the same with its particular version of the gamepad, just as he did at the time with the GameSir X2 Pro, renamed by Redgamic as Shadow Blade Gamepad. Both companies have an agreement in this regard.

Now comes the Redmagic Shadow Blade Gamepad 2which is the same as the GameSir G8 in terms of shape, components, and functions, although with Redmagic’s personal touch, with a beautiful black finish, personalized A/X/Y/B buttons and the company logo on both the back of the remote as in the Home button of the remote.

Features of the Red Magic Shadow Blade Gamepad 2

Promotional image of the new Redmagic Shadow Blade Gamepad 2

As we have said, the Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 has the same design as the GameSir G8, so we are faced with a controller that offers us an experience very close to that of console controls. Although of course, with both sides divided to accommodate the smartphone, which connects through the port USB Type C it is not only compatible with Redmagic devices, but with any Android with this connection.

The most notable thing about the GameSir G8 and therefore also the Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 is its resemblance to an Xbox-type controller, with a very similar grip area and the same layout as the joysticks, so comfort is assured. This controller moves away from the general trend of mobile controllers that we have seen so far and whose priority was to reduce the size as much as possible. In this case, however, the priority is the gaming experience it is obviously not as compact a controller as a Razer Kishi V2 or the GameSir X2 Pro that we mentioned above.

Photograph of the GameSir G8 Galileo with controller attached

The Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 features the same buttons as the GameSir version, including joysticks and triggers with hall effect and full travel as well as the extra R4 and L4 buttons located on the back of the controller, and programmable through the GameSir app.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the remote control load separation function (although not all mobile phones are compatible). This allows us to connect it to the power while we are playing to supply energy to the mobile, but preventing it from recharging at the same time, which prevents the battery temperature from rising.

Price and where to buy

The Redmagic Shadow Blade Gamepad 2 has an official price of 94.90 euros and can be found ready to ship on the official Redmagic website (depending on the country you are in, you will have to enter their European or global store). We remind you that the GameSir G8 It can be purchased through stores such as Amazon at an official price of 89.99 euros.

Redmagic Shadow Blade Gamepad 2


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