Top 5 Mobile Games of the Week (January 19)

Like every week that ends, we have prepared a compilation with some of the best mobile games ever published with which you can enjoy new experiences and adventures from the comfort of your smartphone. This week of January 19, 2024, has been full of interesting releases ranging from stunning Diablo-like ARPGs to trendy titles in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

But if you want to know more in detail about these titles, you have come to the right place, because in the next few lines, We will tell you everything you need to know about these which are some of the best mobile games of the week of January 19, 2024.

Raziel Rebirth: Dungeon Raid

Raziel Rebirth is a title that reminds us a bit of Diablo but has unique and interesting features

We start this list with Raziel Rebirth: Dungeon Raid, which is one of the best and most interesting titles similar to Blizzard’s Diablo. This is a video game that you can download for free in the Play Store and which is defined as a work of dark fantasy.

It’s important to point out that, Although certain similarities can be found between Raziel Rebirth and Diablo, It is a completely original title, with a new story and is inspired by Norse mythology.

This video game stands out for many features, such as an exciting ARPG in which you can choose from several character classes, each with its own set of skills and history. You can also be accompanied by a pet or mercenaries. These companions are differentiated by the uses they offer in combat.

You can collect lots of pets, outfits, runes, and other items to strengthen your character and bring light to this kingdom that seems to have fallen into darkness. But it will not be an easy task at all. In addition, we must point out that Raziel Rebirth also stands out for its excellent visuals and how well-optimized the general experience is for not-so-powerful mobile phones.

Love and Deepspace

Experience a passionate romance with Love and Deepspace, but without leaving aside the action

It’s time to talk about Love and Deepspace, a mobile video game created by InFold Pte, which is available on both Android and iOS for free. This is a title that differs from the rest, as it will allow you to enter a virtual world of science fiction and romance.

Love is within your reach. This is the premise of this title, in which You can have dates in 3D and interact with a lot of characters. You will be able to experience the romance in close-ups, all while the story unfolds.

The love interest that you have chosen will be there for you at all times, so you can interact whenever you need to. You can visit Linkon City at any time and you will never get bored.

But there is also action in this game, where you will have to fight against mysterious creatures that come from space. In general, This is a very interesting title. especially if you are passionate about romance and this type of graphic adventure game where you can experience great romance.


This is an exciting strategy game that mixes with poker

Another interesting alternative that has been published this week for both Android and iOS is Solquence. This is a title that mixes the classic elements of poker with strategy. Here you can place cards while you draw them so that they match each other and, in this way, you can clear the board.

This mobile video game is ideal for those who love challenges and strategy games since offers you hours of content where you can test your skills. But that’s not all, since this title stands out because it includes several skins that you can apply, including a casino skin and dark mode.

You can easily and quickly learn to play, by just following and completing the tutorial at the beginning. You can use the rules to your advantage, getting cards to get flushes, triples, straights, and pairs.

Also, this is a game that you can enjoy without an internet connection, which is nice. It is one of those games that challenge to play and that, in its offline allows you to compete against yourself.

AEW: Rise to the Top

Be part of the AEW roster of professional wrestlers and enjoy epic fights in the ring

AEW: Rise to the Top is a mobile video game that has been developed by East Side Games Studio and It has already exceeded 50,000 downloads. This is available on both Android and iOS for free.

This title allows you to join the AEW roster of professional wrestlers you can travel on the tour and participate in all kinds of special elite events while controlling your favorite characters and upgrading them to make them stronger.

Among the main characteristics of this title, we must Note that you can create games and battles. You can also collect a lot of professional wrestlers and industry managers. Everyone can join your squad, as well as those legendary fighters.

Regarding the combat system, This is very well done and will allow you to enhance your fighters to make them more efficient and stronger. Also, if you are passionate about competition, you can face people from all over the world in PvP battles.

FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover

With FashionVerse you can become a world-class stylist

Fashion game lovers are happy and celebrating the launch of FashionVerse: Fashion Makeover, where they can become professional stylists to begin their path to world fame.

It should be noted that this is an exclusive game for Netflix subscribers, so FashionVerse joins the library of Netflix titles. Beyond this, you should know that this video game stands out for many qualities.

First of all, this one has been created by Tilting Point in joint work with Tommy Hilfiger. In addition, AI has been implemented to model the avatars in 3D that look realistic and that You should dress in elegant clothes that fit what you want to convey. This is an impressive game where you can demonstrate your talent to be a designer.

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