How to get resin in Enshrouded?

The survival game genre rises to new heights, with Enshrouded captivating players with its immersive atmosphere. Amid the relentless challenges of the Shroud, the deadly fog that permeates the game world comes the need for an essential material: resin.

This detailed tutorial will help you in the arduous journey of collecting and using resin in Enshrouded. Discover the best techniques for finding this vital resource, from identifying the right trees to optimizing your collection process.

With a solid understanding of resin, you’ll be ready to strengthen the Flame in the Flame Altar, ensure your survival in the Shroud, and craft legendary weapons and armor. Prepare to face the dangers of Enshrouded armed with valuable information and effective strategies.

Where to find resin in Enshrouded?

Where to find resin in Enshrouded?

To acquire resin, players need to chop down trees. However, not all trees produce this vital resource. Resin is obtained only from trees with yellow and red leaves. Although it is possible to obtain resin from trees with green leaves, the drop rate is significantly lower. Additionally, larger trees tend to produce more resin, so it is advisable to focus on felling these trees first.

  • Trees with yellow and red leaves: cutting down these trees guarantees resin drops.
  • Trees throughout the game: Green trees can also contain resin, but the drop rate is lower.
  • Larger trees: tend to drop more resin.

What is the resin in Enshrouded for?

What is the resin in Enshrouded for?

Resin plays a crucial role in various recipes and manufacturing processes. In addition to being essential for strengthening the Flame in the Flame Altar, which is needed to explore more dangerous areas of the map with higher shroud levels, the resin is used in a variety of crafts, including the creation of magical items and weapons, as well as like different sets of armor.

It is important for players to prioritize obtaining resin, as it is necessary to progress through the game and to improve their chances of survival in an increasingly challenging environment. Crafting a trusty ax and collecting resin from yellow-leaved trees whenever possible is a wise strategy to ensure you’re well-prepared for the game’s challenges.

  • Strengthen the Flame: One of the main uses of resin is to strengthen the flame on a flame altar. This increases the time you can spend in the Shroud, a deadly fog that covers the map. Each level upgrade also permanently increases your maximum time in Shroud.
  • Item creation: Resin is also used in the creation of various items, including magical weapons and armor, tools, and other useful objects.


  • Prioritize large trees: focus on felling larger trees as they drop more resin.
  • Explore the map: Explore the map to find areas with lots of yellow and red leaf trees.
  • Use a good axe: a good ax will make cutting down trees faster and more efficient.

With these tips, you’ll get the resin you need to survive in Enshrouded and progress in the game.

Resin plays a vital role in Enshrouded, from strengthening the Flame to expanding your explorations to creating equipment essential to survival. Mastering the art of finding and collecting resin is key to thriving in this dangerous and immersive world created by Keen Games.

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