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How To Download And Use WRAP To Watch Acestream


Acestream is becoming one of the most used players to watch sports and live events. However, if you are not a regular user of this P2P client, you may encounter some problems when setting it up.

For example, a very common error is that broadcasts disconnect after 15 minutes or do not play at all. This on mobile phones, Android TVs, and Fire Stick is solved by configuring the Horus (Kodi) addon for Acestream.

But in computers, another solution is required… Which one? Well, use the Cloudflare WARP program to watch Acestream without interruptions. Here’s how to download WRAP and how to use it to watch your Acestream streams.

How to download and use WRAP to watch Acestream

How to download and use WRAP to watch Acestream

The best way to fix connection issues when using Acestream on a PC is through the Cloudflare WARP program. This is a free DNS service which is very useful to avoid interruption of Acestream link playback. Below we explain how to use and download it:

  • Enter the official Cloudflare WARP website with the following link.
  • Click on the Windows button to download the installation file for your PC. The application is also available for Linux and macOS in case you have a computer with these operating systems.
  • Now, open the downloaded WARP installation file and complete the installation process to have the program on your PC.
  • Once installed, open the program and you will see the WARP button that when pressed will connect you to DNS
  • Finally, when you are going to watch an event,  press the WARP button to activate DNS before you start playing the Acestream link. When the transmission ends you can deactivate WARP. Remember to do this with every event you watch on Acestream to avoid interruptions and connection issues.

And you… Will you start using WARP to improve the stability of Ace Stream playback?


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