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The best Telegram channels to download game ROMs and ISOs


Telegram is much more than a messaging application, in it you can find bots with multiple functions, channels and groups to download multiple contents, etc. In fact, you can also find Telegram groups and channels to download game ROMs and ISOs and here we will show you the 11 best.

Various types of content are often posted in Telegram groups and channels. If you don’t believe it, check out this list of Telegram groups and channels that no one should see , as we have no doubt that it will surprise you.

The 11 Telegram groups and channels to download game ROMs and ISOs

Each group and channel that we will show you below has a wide variety of ROMs and ISOs of various games for different consoles (PS1, PS2, DS, 3DS, N64, etc.), so we have no doubt that some of them you will be interested Without further ado, the 11 best Telegram groups and channels for downloading game ROMs and ISOs are as follows:

  • Roms Collection : This channel is a compilation of the best Telegram ROMs channels. In it, you will find channels dedicated to ROMs of Pokémon games , Zelda , Fire Emblem, among others. In addition, you will find channels dedicated to consoles, such as the Switch, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita, etc.
  • Retro ROMs: in this group you can find Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance ROMs.
  • Download ROMs: This group has 4,500 game ROMs, but you can also find a good number of game ISOs.
  • Ppssppisoschidoris: This channel is another excellent option due to the number of PSP game ISOs it has stored.
  • VIDEO GAMES Retro consoles: The next one on the list has more than 100,000 retro games, as well as emulators for PS2, Nintendo, Gamecube, SuperNintendo, Game Boy and many others.
  • RomsScene: This is another good option to consider, as it has a large library of game ROMs and ISOs that you can download.
  • PS1 ISO GAMES: If you are looking for PS1 game ISOs, this group is a good option.
  • PSP games, ISO format in Spanish: unlike the rest of the groups and channels that we have shown you, this one focuses on offering ISOs of PSP games in Spanish.
  • M Store – ROM, Games and Applications: this channel has the largest variety of games for different consoles.
  • ISO Games Sociedad Latina PS2: the list is almost over and as its name says, on this channel you can find ROMs and ISOs of games for the PS2.
  • PPSSPP EMULATOR: the best thing about this channel is not its huge catalog, but rather that you can write to its administrator if you can’t find the game that interests you so he can provide it to you.

And you do you think? What did you think of these groups that we have shown you? Do you know of any other groups or channels where we can download game ROMs and ISOs that we haven’t mentioned? Leave us your comment and share this post if it has been helpful to you .


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