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How To Disable Ads And Notifications in Galaxy Store


While it’s true that the default application store on all Samsung mobile devices, the well-known Galaxy Store, often features highly useful apps, most users tend to overlook its presence.

Nearly 80% of Samsung phone and tablet owners attempt to uninstall the Galaxy Store at any cost.  Unfortunately, this process requires some technical know-how, involving rooting the device and following several steps to remove the store from your mobile.

If you’re bothered by notifications and ads from this app and game store but don’t want to uninstall it entirely, there’s no need to despair! You can easily and quickly disable these notifications.

How To Turn off notifications and ads from the Galaxy Store

Following the steps outlined below, you can prevent the pre-installed Samsung application from displaying notifications on your device.

  • In the first instance, you will have to open the Galaxy Store from your Samsung mobile device.
  • When inside it, you must click on the tab that says “Menu” (located in the lower right corner of the screen).
  • Then, press the gear wheel in the menu’s right corner.

Turn off notifications and ads from the Galaxy Store

  • Access “Galaxy Store Settings” and disable the “Receive news and offers” option.
  • Confirm by clicking “Deactivate.” Afterward, proceed to the “Notifications” section.

Receive news and offers

  • Choose the “Silent” option, then click “Notification Categories.”
  • Finally, disable all on-screen notifications. It’s important to note that while notifications won’t be displayed on your Samsung mobile, the Galaxy Store will still automatically send them. In other words, you can view them at your discretion through the notification history.


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