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How to Download an Old Version of Playable Roblox for Android


If you’re here, you’ve probably seen people playing Roblox with the old interface and retro graphics on social media. Believe it or not, this is possible.

There are two ways to play like this. The first, more complicated option is through a private platform called Project X, which is based on the old Roblox. The second, easier option is to try the Retro Studio game available on Roblox. Below, we explain each option.

Project X ( the private launcher to play the old version of Roblox

Project X ( ) is a private third-party platform that has nothing to do with official Roblox . That is, you cannot use your Roblox account in it, so you should not fear a ban for trying this launcher.

And what makes it so interesting? Well, this platform replicates the old version of Roblox , from its interface to its graphics and the tool to create experiences within the platform, that is, Roblox Studio . This is thanks to the fact that it is based on the old development engine that the game used.

Now, since it is a private (but free) platform , you must first request to join it to try it… How do you do it? Well, below we are going to explain how to download and play Project X (the old version of Roblox) step by step:

  • The first thing you should do is complete the application to join this private platform by clicking on this link .
  • In Step 1 – About Me you have to describe in one or two sentences what your favorite games are, the reason why you want to join and if you intend to create experiences or cosmetics on the platform. You should not enter personal information such as your age or email.
  • Now, in Step 2 – Roblox Profile you have to put the link to the profile of your Roblox account. It is important that your account is not newly created and that you have activity in it, that is, that you participate in games, that you have publications, followers, friends, etc.
  • In Step 3 – Discord ID you have to enter your Discord ID. This will only work if you are joined to the platform server. Here we leave you the invitation link to the Project X server .
  • Finally, in Step 4 – Verification you have to copy the text that appears in the blue box and paste it into the social media section of your Roblox profile. This is to confirm that it is your account and that you are not impersonating someone.
  • Finally, you have to wait for your request to be accepted . Upon completing it you will be given an Application ID that you can use to see the status of your application at this link .
  • When you are accepted, they will send you a link to create your Project X account . Once you have it, you can log in and go to the Download section to download the client for PC or the APK to play on Android phones.

Retro Studio: a game within Roblox that simulates the aesthetics that the platform had between 2009 and 2015

Now, if you want to play an old version of Roblox within the official Roblox platform , then you have to know the game “Retro Studio” . This is an experience that simulates the aesthetics and interface that Roblox had between early 2009 and mid-2015. And the best of all is that you can play for free with your Roblox account and without prior registration . Below we leave you the link to the game:

Link | Retro Studio

And you… Do you miss the old aesthetics of Roblox?


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