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Baldur’s Gate 3 best level 3 spells for every class


Choosing the right level 3 spells for your wizard class in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be a perplexing decision due to the abundance of excellent options and limited slots. As your character progresses, the increase in your caster level is significant, unlocking level 3 spells that become crucial when facing more formidable adversaries and accessing additional content.

These level 3 spells necessitate their designated slot, specifically a level 3 spell slot. However, it’s essential to note that casting these spells requires the expenditure of an action.

Careful consideration of your available options, playstyle, and the challenges you anticipate facing will help you make informed choices when selecting your level 3 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Level 3 Spells for Bards

The bard class typically assumes a supportive role within the party. Bards contribute by providing buffs to allies and imposing debuffs on enemies. While their access to weapons is somewhat limited, bards uniquely have proficiency with musical instruments. These instruments can be utilized to create distractions on various occasions, providing a form of camouflage for the party. This distinctive ability adds a layer of versatility to the bard’s toolkit, making them valuable assets in various situations.

Mass healing word spells

This spell is a restoration ability accessible to the Bard and Cleric classes. When cast, your character utters a healing word, restoring hit points to a maximum of six allies within an 18-meter radius.

Hypnotic pattern

This is an illusion spell that, upon casting, generates a pattern of twisting colours and shapes, instilling terror and hypnotizing enemies within a 60-foot radius. Those affected by this illusion become immobilized, incapable of moving or attacking.

Faking death

This spell proves useful when a party member is severely injured and incapacitated but resists succumbing to death. Casting this spell places your ally in a protective coma, shielding them from all forms of damage except for psychic damage.


This spell is also an illusion spell. When cast, it projects an image so terrifying that your enemies become petrified, dropping all their weapons and equipment. They are immobilized while under the influence of fear, making them easier to hit and eliminate.

Talk to dead people.

This is a necromancy spell that bards can cast. It provides the ability to converse with the dead, extracting their secrets. However, you can only receive up to five answers from a deceased individual.

Best Level 3 Spells for Clerics

The Cleric class excels in adopting supportive roles and is adept at combating undead entities. Clerics, essentially part wizards, have mastered the art of channelling the magical energies bestowed upon them by their deities.


This spell is incredibly potent as it can revive your deceased allies. Using this spell, you can bring back any fallen party members, allowing them to rejoin the action.

Grant a curse

This spell comes in various forms, each specific to the clerics of the Light, Life, and Trick domains. In essence, it involves placing a curse on your hand. When you touch a creature with this curse, it suffers disadvantages on saving throws, attacks, and rolls. Additionally, the curse hinders your opponent’s actions, and they take additional damage.

Remove curse

This spell is also bestowed upon clerics of the Light, Life, and Trickery domains and is the direct counterpart to the Curse spell. It acts as a beneficial buff that can be bestowed upon your allies, manifesting as removing a curse. Upon contact, the recipient receives a healing touch, and any curses afflicting them are lifted.

Spirit Guardian

Many subclasses of the Cleric class, including Life, Light, War, and Trickery domain clerics, possess this spell. When cast, it summons guardian spirits to shield you, inflicting additional radiant or necrotic damage on enemies and reducing their movement speed by half.

Best Level 3 Spells for Druids

The Druid class possesses a repertoire of nature-related spells, reflecting their deep connection to the forest and ability to integrate seamlessly into the ecosystem. Druids, having spent their lives in natural surroundings, can undergo complete transformations into various animals. While their access to weapons is limited, Druids rely significantly on their magical abilities to navigate and engage with the world around them.

Plant growth

This spell induces the growth of weeds akin to a summer’s bloom, transforming into a dense forest. Enemies caught within this enchanted foliage experience a drastic reduction in their movement speed, slowed to a quarter of their normal rate. This spell is accessible to all Druid subclasses.


There are two variations of this spell, both providing the same benefit. In essence, you can either enchant your equipment to radiate like the sun or summon a sphere of light that dispels the darkness around you.

Gaseous form

This spell enables you to morph into a gust of wind, rendering it nearly impossible for enemies to land hits on you. It also grants the ability to traverse through exceedingly small spaces. However, while under the effects of this spell, you cannot cast spells or engage in attacks against enemies. This particular spell is exclusive to the Druid subclass Circle of Spores.

Hypnotic pattern

This spell conjures glowing lights of diverse colours and shapes before enemies. The enchantment renders them immobile, preventing further movement, actions, or attacks. It is a spell exclusive to the Circle of Land Druid subclass.

Best Level 3 Spells for Wizards

The wizard class is a comprehensive spellcasting class, as one would anticipate. Wizards channel their magical abilities into various forms and can craft various spells. Here, we have compiled what we believe are the best level 3 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 options.

Grant Flight

You can cast this spell on yourself or an ally to bestow the power of flight upon them. The affected character gains the ability to ascend, providing a strategic height advantage in combat. This spell particularly benefits ranged builds, allowing them to unleash ranged attacks from an elevated position.


This spell empowers you with the force of lightning to electrify and energize your enemies. You can summon a lightning bolt and hurl it across the battlefield, striking down anyone in its path.


This spell enables you to counter a level 3 spell, rendering its effects null and void. It cancels out the impact of the spell cast against you. However, if the spell in question is of a level higher than 3, you must pass a check to nullify its effects successfully.

Call Lightning

This spell enables you to summon an Area of Effect (AoE) attack in the form of a thunderbolt. Any enemy within 60 feet of you will be struck and burned. This spell is particularly effective for dealing with groups of enemies.

Best Level 3 Spells for Warlocks

The warlock class derives its powers from a patron with whom it forges a pact. Each Warlock subclass features a distinct patron, sharing two common traits: they are extradimensional beings, and they all exude a dark and demonic nature.


This spell allows you to wield fire, casting fireballs as an Area of Effect (AoE) attack within an 18-meter radius. The fireball has a radius of 6 meters, making it highly effective against enemies thrown into the air.

Stinky cloud

In the arcane tapestry of eldritch power, The Fiend Warlock, a weaver of shadows, possesses a spell, clichéd in notion yet profound in its artistry. With a mere utterance, a cloud descends, unfurling its unseen tendrils, and within its ethereal embrace, a noxious stench coils, a siren’s song to still the dance of adversaries.

When the foe, in the cadence of action, succumbs to the malodorous enchantment, a moment’s respite is gifted, rendering them entrapped in the temporal stillness ensnared by the arcane tapestry of this exclusive spell.

Gaseous form

This spell bestows upon you the ethereal guise of a miniature cloud, allowing you to slip seamlessly into any crevice. This enchantment makes traversing confined spaces effortless, offering a covert means to navigate and evade even the most formidable adversary.


The art of counter-spelling allows you to intercede in the unfolding weave of a level 3 or higher spell. All effects wrought by the opponent’s level 3 or higher incantation are summarily negated by invoking this spell.

Best Level 3 Spells for Wizards

The wizard class comprises spellcasters who have earned the privilege to wield magic through a meticulous study spanning numerous years. In the game, the wizard can access a spellbook and share many spells with other classes.


This spell can be cast on yourself or a party member, bestowing an array of benefits. It enhances your character’s movement speed, elevates their evasiveness, and adds additional action. This effect persists for ten turns, but after its conclusion, your character’s agility wanes, succumbing to lethargy. To optimize the damage dealt and conclude the battle before the tenth round, it is recommended to use this spell on your fighter or barbarian.

Glyph of Warding

This spell is an Area of Effect (AoE) attack wherein your character inscribes a circle of arcane glyphs on the ground. If ever cornered, it becomes a potent last resort. Alternatively, strategically dropping these glyphs allows for the creation of traps, enabling battlefield control. Any adversary stepping upon these glyphs promptly triggers the designated effect, with the spell also offering various variants.


This spell empowers you to command the formidable might of fire and flame. With a mere gesture, you can conjure massive fireballs, launching them from your bare hands to engulf your enemies in searing devastation. Upon impact, the fireball explodes, unleashing a conflagration that inflicts burning damage in a 20-foot radius, laying waste to all caught in its fiery embrace.


This spell empowers your wizard to counter a level 3 spell unleashed by the opposing party. With its mastery, the wizard can wholly obstruct or even invert the effects of the spell cast by the adversary.


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