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Recruit Minsc – Master the process in Baldur’s Gate 3


Minsc, the iconic character from earlier parts of the game, can be recruited in the third act of BG3, serving as the final companion to join your party. However, recruiting Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3 presents a more intricate process than other members.

Crucially, Minsc can only be recruited if you already have Jaheira as a party member, as their quests intertwine. The overlap in their storylines is key in unlocking Minsc as a companion. Therefore, ensure Jaheira is part of your party to navigate the unique conditions necessary for recruiting Minsc in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Minsc location

Baldur's Gate 3 Minsc location

To locate Minsc in the undercity of Baldur’s Gate, initiate Jaheira’s quest, “High Harper.” As part of this quest, head to the counting house to advance its progression. In the Counting House, converse with the head clerk, who will guide you on tracking down Minsc and obtaining the vault pass necessary for the quest in BG3.

Upon entering the vault, you’ll discover that it’s locked. To obtain the safe code, head to the second floor of the Counting House, where the chief banker is. Be cautious of the two guards, as being spotted requires a DC25 skill check. Search for a book in the area; within it, you’ll find the code 1-3-5-6.

Proceed to the vault and, to unlock it, stand on each plate one at a time in the correct order (1-3-5-6), ensuring not to step on another plate before the sequence is complete.

Inside the vault, attempt to locate Minsc, who is now seemingly working for Fake Jaheira on behalf of the Absolute in BG3. It becomes your responsibility to protect Minsc from the influence of the Absolute if you intend to recruit him into your party.

Find Minsc in the sewers.

To find Minsc, enter the Lower City Sewers through the manhole near Bloomridge Park. Search for him within the Abandoned Cistern, where you will find a puzzle. This puzzle necessitates adjusting the water temperature and level to reach the optimal settings. Engage with the puzzle elements to successfully navigate the Abandoned Cistern and progress in BG3.

Find Minsc in the sewers.

To successfully solve the Abandoned Cistern puzzle, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Separate yourself from the group and designate a specific character. Note that if the water level rises to a critical point, the entire party will sustain damage unless disbanded.
  2. Click on the water level valve and allow the water level to rise.
  3. Activate the second valve after a brief pause (approximately 4-5 seconds).
  4. If executed correctly, the gate will open, granting you access to the next area.

By following these steps precisely, you can navigate the Abandoned Cistern puzzle in BG3 and proceed with your quest.

Combat and recruitment of Minsc

In BG3, locate Minsc and the imposter Jaheira. Prioritize saving your game before engaging in the upcoming battle, as it can be challenging. Start by eliminating all minor enemies and the fake Jaheira. Once this is accomplished, focus on Minsc. Deal damage to him, ensuring that the final attack is non-lethal. Killing Minsc will prompt Jaheira to leave your party.

After the non-lethal final attack, initiate a conversation with Minsc. Convince him not to harm Jaheira, who may still be under attack, and clarify that the other Jaheira was an imposter. Minsc, realizing the deception, will then run off to find his hamster. Follow him, and once he reunites with his hamster, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit him into your party in BG3.






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