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Corning Gorilla Glass 7i: ready to take mid-range resistance to a new level


Although there are alternatives such as Kulum Glass (from Huawei) , Panda and Dragontrail Glass (from Asahi), no manufacturer of protective glass for mobile phones surpasses Corning in popularity. The company in charge of Gorilla Glass dominates the market at will , a position they have carved out for years by improving their products more and more.

Until now there were 9 versions of these crystals on the market , but now one more has been added. Corning introduced a new edition called Gorilla Glass 7i. We tell you what it is about, how resistant Gorilla Glass 7i is and what its differences are compared to Gorilla Glass 7 . Will it be more or less resistant? Let’s see it.

Gorilla Glass 7i is a budget version of Gorilla Glass 7 (Victus), but perhaps too

Through a press release , Corning Inc. formally presented Gorilla Glass 7i. According to the company itself, this new version of its protective glass for mobile phones aims “at the intermediate and value segment” of the market . In other words, it will be for mid- and low-range smartphones.

This is curious, since Gorilla Glass 7 (Victus) is practically exclusive to the high and premium ranges. In addition, lower generations already existed for more affordable mobile phones (up to Gorilla Glass 6). However, the latter have already been with us for a good handful of years and their resistance pales in comparison to newer versions.

Given this need, Gorilla Glass 7i was born, whose name goes hand in hand with what this new version represents. Because? Because the tag “i” has a very well-defined meaning within the mobile segment: it should be a cheaper version, but with enough innovations adopted from the main model. Some examples? In phones, the Huawei Nova 12i and Honor X50i , two more modest phones than the Huawei Nova 12 and Honor X50 (main editions).

This means you should expect better resistance than Gorilla Glass 6 and below, but not above Gorilla Glass 7. But is this really the case? How far apart are Gorilla Glass 7 and Gorilla Glass 7i? According to the data provided by Corning, these would be the key differences:

Gorilla Glass 7i withstands drops of up to one meter high against the asphalt , while Gorilla Glass 7 withstands up to two meters and Gorilla Glass 5 can withstand 1.2 meters.
Gorilla Glass 7i is up to two times more scratch resistant than other competing products (they do not specify), while Gorilla Glass 7 is up to four times harder.
There is not much more information, but with this we can expand a little more. Talking about what? About Gorilla Glass 7i being quite far from Gorilla Glass 7 . It is even less resistant to falls than Gorilla Glass 5, something we don’t like at all.

Additionally, it is to be expected that Gorilla Glass 7i will not be able to exceed level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale without scratching. On the other hand, Gorilla Glass 7 (Victus) comfortably moves between levels 6 and 7 , while Gorilla Glass Armor goes even further .

And to close, we need to talk about one last thing: when will the first phones with Gorilla Glass 7i arrive? The answer is that we do not know specifically, but Corning assured that the first brand to use this version will be OPPO.


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