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Download the best GCam mods for your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro


POCO seems to have a knack for multiples of three, as each generation of that style tends to shine. The POCO X3 Pro was a prime example of this a few years ago, and the new POCO X6 and POCO X6 Pro left us impressed just a few months ago. However, this time, the Chinese company aimed even higher and surprised us with the incredible POCO F6 and POCO F6 Pro.

Their new high-end offerings are truly remarkable, offering exceptional performance and features for their price. However, the area where they fall slightly short is the cameras, which we can only describe as “good.” Fortunately, there’s a way to enhance their performance and achieve better results using none other than the most popular camera app for Android: GCam. With these GCam mods, you can elevate the cameras of your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro to the next level, as they are the best APKs you’ll find for this purpose.

Why use GCam on your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro?

GCam on your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro

By installing GCam on your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro, you’ll undoubtedly achieve better photos and videos. It offers more vibrant colors, a higher level of detail, more precise white balance management, and more.

Additionally, GCam provides access to several incredibly useful shooting modes, including HDR+ mode to enhance the dynamic range of your photos, night mode for detailed images in low-light environments, portrait mode with an excellent bokeh effect, Lens Blur mode for artistic blurring in portraits, panoramic mode, astrophotography mode for capturing the night sky, and even a manual mode with numerous settings available.

In short, it’s a comprehensive application that significantly enhances the scenes you aim to capture, making it essential for any Android device. Interested in trying out Google Camera on your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro? In the next section, we’ll provide you with the APK packages to download and install.

Download the best GCam mods for your POCO F6 or POCO F6 Pro

Luckily, you have us who do the heavy lifting and we have already found the best GCam mods that you can use on these phones. The APKs are compatible with both models , so go ahead and help yourself:

  • GCam 9.1 from BSG (1.098_A11_V7_MGC) : It is the most recent version that you will find and it is stable enough to be used without many problems. If you want a GCam with the most new features , this is the one you should use.
  • GCam 8.9 by BSG (MGC_8.9.097_A11_V3_MGC) – This is the APK we recommend using, as it offers exceptional performance and is super stable . Perhaps it does not have some features as it is a mod for GCam 8.9 instead of GCam 9.1, but there are few that are missing.

By the way, if you are wondering “ how are these GCam mods installed ?”, the answer is quite simple: they are installed like any other application from an unknown source . Just download the APK, open the installer, grant permission to install from unknown sources and that’s it . It has no science and Android itself guides you, so don’t worry.


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