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Recruiting Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3


In Baldur’s Gate, numerous NPCs are available for interaction and recruitment as party members. One such NPC is Jaheira, a half-elf druid with her backstory and starting equipment. This guide will concentrate on recruiting Jaheira as a party member and potentially exploring a romantic relationship with her later.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jaheira location

You can encounter Jaheira at Last Light Inn in BG3 during the second act. Initially, she presents herself as an NPC available for recruitment later in the game, depending on your decisions throughout the storyline. To reach Last Light Inn, follow Karniss to the Moonrise Towers, rescue Wulbren in the tower, and then trail him to find Jaheira.

Alternatively, if Harpers attack your caravan, assist them in defeating Karniss. Subsequently, you’ll be invited to join them, and they’ll escort you to the Last Light Inn. Upon reaching the inn, you’ll encounter Jaheira, the leader of the Harpers, who has established the inn as a strategic base of operations against Kethric Thorm.

How to recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3

Following your initial encounter with Jaheira, it’s imperative to progress in your main quest within the Shadow Cursed Lands. You must eliminate Ketheric Thorm to earn her trust and successfully fulfill several other quests.

Talk to Jaheira at the Last Light Inn

Upon reaching the inn and concluding the cutscene, enter the establishment, where you’ll find Jaheira near one of the tables. Engage in conversation with her and persuade her that you share common goals. Agree to gather information about Kethric Thorm and the reasons for his invincibility. Successfully convincing her that you’re committed to aiding in the imminent battle will result in a more amicable relationship with Jaheira.

Protect Isabel from being kidnapped by Fist Marcus.

Head upstairs, where you’ll encounter Isobel. A hostile character named Marcus, once a companion of Ketheric Thorm, will attempt to kidnap her. It’s crucial to intervene and rescue Isobel from Marcus. During this encounter, ensure the safety of Jaheira and prevent her from being harmed in the battle in BG3.

Attack on Moonrise Towers

There are two approaches to the next section. You can choose the righteous path from the beginning and launch an assault on Moonrise Tower alongside Jaheira and her forces. Alternatively, you can visit Moonrise Towers under the guise of helping Kethric and his people, only to eventually betray him and align with Jaheira.

Locate the general on the first floor of Moonrise Tower and coordinate a search for relics with him. Retrieve the relic from the Thorm Mausoleum by solving puzzles, encountering Balthazar, and completing trials. It’s crucial not to harm Nightsong during this quest and ensure that Shadowheart is part of your party.

If you opt for the virtuous path and attack Moonrise Towers with the Harpers, you will encounter Jaheira again in BG3 near the tower. At this stage of the game, you have two options.

  • Let them lead the army of Harpers. She will act as an NPC.
  • Try to convince them to work with you. This way, you can control them. However, this is only temporary.

The first option is somewhat risky because there is a chance that she might die, and if she does, you won’t be able to recruit her. It is recommended to try and persuade her to join your cause.

After the initial battle against Kethric Thorm, Jaheira will leave your party but remain near the Oubliette. Approach her, engage in conversation, and ask her to rejoin your group permanently. If your party is already full, she may decline, but she will still appear in your camp after the mission.

Once Jaheira is in your camp, you can invite her to join your party at any time.


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