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How to earn Robux using Microsoft Rewards


Looking to boost your Roblox experience without spending a dime? Look no further than Microsoft Rewards! This loyalty program rewards you for using Microsoft services like Bing and the Edge browser. Earn points and redeem them for digital gift cards, including ones for Roblox!

This article dives deep into Microsoft Rewards, explaining how it works and how you can snag free Robux. If you’re a Roblox player who wants to save some cash, this is a must-read!

What is Microsoft Rewards and how can you earn points?

We all know Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, just as we know Edge, Microsoft’s browser. These are just two examples of Microsoft services that the company wants to promote over other similar services in the market. In other words, Microsoft Rewards is a company strategy that offers rewards in return for customer loyalty, which is an excellent concept. Learn more about it by entering the Microsoft rewards panel .

You can earn points in Microsoft Rewards by engaging with the Microsoft ecosystem in various ways. Below we will leave you a list of all the things you can do to earn points in Microsoft Rewards and exchange them for Robux :

  • Complete daily Microsoft Rewards Dashboard tasks: These tasks consist of entering pages that show you and answering short surveys. These tasks can reward you with 10 to 30 points each, depending on the task. Remember, they must be completed using Microsoft Edge.
  • Search: If you search the Internet using Bing on PC and mobile you will get 3 points per search . There is a daily limit on points, so it’s not unlimited. We recommend conducting searches through Edge to earn additional points.
  • Referring friends to use this system can earn you up to 200 points for each friend.
  • For every euro spent in the Microsoft Store, you will receive 20 reward system points.
  • Use your Xbox: Searching on Bing, browsing game pages in the store, and accessing the Rewards app on Xbox will earn you points that will be credited to your Microsoft Rewards account.

How to redeem Microsoft Rewards points for Robux?

To redeem 100 Robux, you need to reach a goal of accumulating 1,500 Microsoft Rewards points. It’s not a difficult goal because you can earn up to 700 points on a good day. Once you get them, follow the steps below to redeem your Microsoft Rewards points for Robux :

  • Enter your Microsoft rewards panel using the link we left you previously in this article and click on the tab that says Redeem .

Enter your Microsoft rewards panel

  • Select the Roblox option.
  • Click on Redeem prize.
  • Click Confirm Award.
  • Enter your mobile number to redeem the prize and that’s it.

Now the platform will send you your prize code to claim your 100 free Robux in a period of 24 hours . Use your credits in Roblox to enjoy a wide variety of items and if you have some time, we recommend that you take a look at the best FNAF games on Roblox or Super Kart Simulator .

And with those recommendations we say goodbye, we hope you liked our article on how to use Microsoft Rewards to earn Robux . If you have any questions, leave them in the section below so we can help you with your problem.


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