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How to add a device to “Find my device”: Step by step guide

Hundreds of things can happen to us when we manipulate our mobile device , since we can drop it, infect it with a virus or, worse still,...

How to get more space on Google Photos for free

As the days pass and the years unfold, those who've opted for Google Photos find themselves on the brink of despair. It's a stark...

Picture-in-Picture in Chrome for Android: How to put a floating window

Picture-in-Picture is one of the best features introduced to Android in recent years. This function allows you to minimize content into a small floating...

How to activate Google Password Manager on Android

=Password managers are among the most popular and useful apps for smartphones. They help you organize your passwords and some even generate strong, random...

How to Turn off Gemini and return to the old Google Assistant

The world of AI is changing how we use our phones. Take Google, for example. They've been testing a new AI called Gemini that...